About Bitcoin Restaurants

About Bitcoin Restaurants

At Bitcoin Restaurants, our mission is twofold.

  • Help users who are supporting the innovative cryptocurrency find ways to find food with their Bitcoins (turning bytes into bites).
  • Help restaurants who already accept Bitcoin get found by diners in the vibrant community.

Along the way, we’d like to help restaurants understand what the process is for accepting Bitcoin and keeping them up-to-date on their options in this fast-moving space.

Let’s face it, you need to make sure your customers are getting awesome food and great service. You probably don’t have time to learn the nuts and bolts of this ever evolving platform. That’s our job and we want to do the work for you.

Also our partner company, Restaurant Tools, will be providing a free suite of software that will help restaurants accept Bitcoin while minimizing the back office overhead and more importantly, not slowing down the end-of-meal experience.