Benefits of Accepting Bitcoin at Your Restaurant

Why Accept Bitcoin?

As a technology, Bitcoin is still in its infancy. And like any emerging platform, it can take time before supporting technologies become polished. That said, there are also some great benefits to “getting in on the ground floor.”

  • More forms of payment means more customers

    As anybody selling a product or service will tell you, the more forms of payment you can accept, the larger of a customer base you have access to. Bitcoin usage is growing each and every day and nothing works up an appetite like pioneering a new form of currency. Make

  • Bitcoin users are rabid in their support of the new cryptocurrency

    The Bitcoin community is young, vibrant, and avidly supports businesses that accept their Bitcoin. By adding Bitcoin to your payment options, you gain instant access to this high-spending, big-eating demographic.

  • Processing fees are razor thin

    Unlike credit cards which charge large transaction fees to their merchants, Bitcoin transactions occur at merely a fraction of the cost (and for smaller transactions, often no cost at all). This savings of 3% - 5% means you get to keep more of your hard-earned cash.

  • No chargebacks for Bitcoin orders

    Also unlike credit cards, Bitcoin is not subject to chargebacks. Once a transaction is complete (usually within ten minutes) it's final.

  • You get access to your money in almost real time

    With Bitcoin, you don’t need to wait days before you have access to your funds. Many transactions are completed within 10 minutes and very few will go more than one hour.

  • Easy access to low cost marketing

    Bitcoin is stirring up quite a bit of buzz these days. Many vendors and restaurants like yours get an a great dose of low-cost publicity that will help to keep your dining room full.

  • You get to be part of something special

    What’s happening with Bitcoin has the potential to be revolutionary. Some even compare the its impact with that of the internet itself.